Hailing from Southwest PA, THE FALL OF ME was officially formed in early 2021. Vocalist Chelsea Ritenour and Guitarist Paul Lancaster had met in 2019 while filming an episode of “Music Talks” a local TV cable show, and started talking about a collaboration of original music.  When the timing and scheduling aligned, they had their first writing session. In that session they wrote their first two songs together, “Rain” and “The Fall of Me” 

Around the same time, bassist Donny Kemp was looking for other avenues for musical expression and approached Paul for a collaboration.

Once they all got in the same room and felt the energy, they knew that they had to take things to the next level. When the discussion of a name came up, it was decided that “The Fall of Me” should be used. They quickly began working out demos and in August of 2021, they entered TONIC RECORDING STUDIO to start recording their debut EP.  Luke Martucci, a studio session Drummer handled all the percussion duties. 

November 19th 2021, their first single “Parasite” was released and the full EP followed in January of 2022.  


The Fall of Me is a dark, melodic metal band with a gothic flair. Each member plays their own character representing various demons and a fallen angel. The band embodies all things dark and ominous, like a looming shadow and often writes with these themes in mind. 

They have mastered combining aggressive instrumentation with sweeping vocal lines creating a unique blend that is both beautiful and heavy.     


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